Why should we pray for Imam al-Mahdi’s health?

Based on Islamic narrations, it is a fact that Allahhas promised to protect Imam al-Mahdi from everythingthat would jeopardize his mission. Therefore,he has to remain alive and healthy till he fulfills hismission. Here a question is raised that why are werecommended to pray for his wellness while he willremain safe by the will of Allah and what is the benefitof praying for his health?Answering the mentioned question we can pointto the following reasons:First, our Infallible Imams used to do the same:In some Islamic reliable sources it has been indicatedthat supplicating for Imam al-Mahdi refers to themanners of the Infallible Imams who used to allocatethe best times of their life, e.g. in their prayer, to prayfor Imam al-Mahdi’s health, and they have taughtus to do the same. For example: Imam al-Redā (TheShiite eighth Imam) recommended us to pray continuouslyfor Imam al-Mahdi by this supplication: “O Allah distance the whole difficulties from Your successor (on the earth) and protect him from the evil of all of Your creation and preserve him from his right, left, from above and beneath (his feet) with Your protection that if You protect someone he would not face destruction.”Also Imam al-Hassan al-‘Askarī (the Shiite eleventh Imam) used –> READ MORE