Belief in the Savior is a component of religions’ worldviews

Belief in the Imam of the Time (a.j.) is a component of religions’ worldviews. That is, just as divine religions hold viewpoints within their general worldviews about the universe, mankind, origin and the end of human life’s trajectory—about genesis and resurrection—they also hold viewpoints in their worldviews about the final destination of the caravan of humans. A worldview is a great system which lays the foundation for all the thoughts, obligations and rules of religions. It addresses the issues of the afterlife and the hereafter. Another issue is where the mankind is heading to. If we liken the human community throughout history to a caravan which is taking a specific path, then we are faced with this question: Where is this caravan going? What is the destination of this caravan? What is the end of this path? This is a serious question and every worldview should answer it. Religions have answered this question… all of them believe that this caravan will reach a favorable, sweet and pleasant destination in the end. The main characteristic of this destination is justice. Justice has been humanity’s general request from the first day until today and it will remain mankind’s main request until the end. Those people who try to believe in variety, diversity and change in their principles and main philosophies cannot deny the fact that humanity has had certain requests from the first day until today, the most important of which is justice. Humanity is after justice. It has never changed its mind about this demand and in the end, this demand will be met

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