The issue of awaiting is an inseparable component of Mahdawiyyah

The issue of waiting [for the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s.)] is an inseparable component of Mahdawiyyah. It is one of the key concepts for understanding religion and the general movement of the Islamic Ummah towards the lofty goals of Islam. Awaiting means expecting an event that will definitely happen. This is the meaning of awaiting. Awaiting means that this future is definite. This is especially true if we are awaiting a living and primed entity. This is a very important issue. We are not awaiting someone who has not been born yet. No, we are awaiting someone who exists and is present among us. There are certain narrations according to which people can see him, but they do not recognize him. In certain narrations, he has been likened to Prophet Joseph whose brothers used to see him. He was present among his brothers and he used to sit beside them, but they could not recognize him. It is such a clear and motivating truth. This facilitates awaiting. Humanity needs this awaiting and the Islamic Ummah needs it even more. This waiting puts responsibilities on the shoulders of human beings.

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