Without Mahdawiyyah, all efforts by the all prophets will turn futile

If Mahdawiyyah did not exist, it would mean that all the efforts by divine prophets, all prophetic missions, all the strenuous efforts of divine prophets were futile. Therefore, the issue of Mahdawiyyah is an essential issue. It is one of the central divine teachings. For this reason, as far as I know, in all divine religions, there are teachings which are essentially the equivalent to Mahdawiyyah. However, these teachings have been distorted and blurred over time and it is not clear what they are trying to say. The issue of Mahdawiyyah is among the undeniable Islamic realities. That is to say, Mahdawiyyah is not limited to Shia Islam. There is a consensus among all Islamic denominations on the end of the days– which includes when Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his re-appearance) establishes ultimate justice in the world. There are valid narrations [confirming that] by the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) and Islamic luminaries from different denominations of Islam. Therefore, there is no doubt in this regard. However, Shia Islam has an advantage among other denominations; because the issue of Mahdawiyyah is not an ambiguous issue in Shia Islam. The issue of Mahdawiyyah is not a convoluted issue; it is not complicating to understand. It is clear. Mahdawiyyah has an epitome and we are familiar with this epitome. We know his characteristics. We know his ancestors. We know his family. We know when he was born. We know the details. And this familiarity is not based on Shia narrations alone. There are non-Shia narrations that clarify the details for us. Followers of other Islamic denominations should pay careful attention in order to understand this clear truth.

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